TexMex Cream of Corn & Artichoke Hearts Soup

Cookin' Greens TexMex Cream of Corn and Artichoke Hearts Soup

This is our frist prize recipe for our Artichoke Hearts recipe contest submitted by Jen Prosini.

Serves 4 – 6


 2 tbsp EVOO

1 small onion, minced

1 tsp chili powder

1 bay leaf

1 tbsp chopped parsley

3 tbsp corn flour

1 cup Almond milk, unsweetened or milk

1 cup culinary coconut milk

3 cup frozen corn

1 cup frozen Cookin’ Green Artichoke hearts

2 cup vegetable broth

1 tsp each salt & ground black pepper

398ml can Cream Style Corn


 In a medium preheated pot add oil and sauté onion, chili powder, bay leaf and parsley for 1 min. on med. High

 Add corn flour, stir to cook for a few seconds. Slowly pour in the almond milk, whisking to thicken slightly.

Add remaining liquids, artichokes, frozen corn and canned corn. Bring to a boil. Skim off any foam.

 Lower the heat to medium, to a strong simmer and cook for another 5 min.  Scoop out half of the soup and puree to thicken the soup.

 Serve and Enjoy!


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